Bicycle shops in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands is the most popular form of daily transport; using a bicycle for your daily needs is fun and convenient.  With more than 18 million bicycles in the Netherlands and 1.2 million new ones sold every year, this country is considered a cyclist’s heaven. Find out the best places to rent your bike in the Netherlands at the best rates. 

The Netherlands: a bicycle paradise

bike amsterdam

Cycling for the Dutch is a way of life; it is distributed evenly across all income groups. The Netherlands' flat terrain is ideal for average cyclists; short-range routes do not really require a high degree of physical fitness. The quality of bicycle lanes (fietspad) is very high throughout the country. The best season for long-distance cycling is the period from May till September. You can purchase a new bicycle for about 250 to 500 euros or a used one for about 50 to 150 euros.

Bicycle shops in the Netherlands are different from the rest of the world, in the same way, Dutch cycling is different. The upright bicycle to get from A to B safely and conveniently not only dominates the streets but also the shops. That makes that a bicycle shop in the Netherlands does not look like a shop for sports equipment, but much more like a place where you get what you need for a means of transport.

The Best Places to Rent Your Bike:

Holland Rent A Bike

Bike Repair/Maintenance, Bike Rentals

Damrak 247

1012 ZJ Amsterdam

Phone number: +31 20 6223207


This place is fairly priced and conveniently located. A nice Dutchman runs the shop and has a lot of good local biking knowledge. This is by far the best place to rent bikes in Amsterdam.  It is within walking distance of Central Station, renting a bike takes less than ten minutes and the bikes look like your typical Holland commuter bike. The bikes are impeccably maintained, granted these are older style cycles, but you would never need to return during a rental period requiring repair. They provide a heavy duty lock and all bikes have a mounted back wheel lock.


oTTo Bikes

Bikes for sale, Bike Repair/Maintenance, Bike Rentals

Overtoom 402

1054 JS Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 7860609


Otto bikes has a nice selection of bikes in Amsterdam. Plus customer service is excellent too. You can buy your dream bike in here. You can also buy second-hand bikes here.  Great service and very helpful people to deal with. They also give you a 3 months guarantee. It is a very reasonable shop repair at a very good price too. Highly recommended!



Bike Repair/Maintenance

Oude Braak 20

1012 PS Amsterdam

Phone number +31 659 152172


Flattire is awesome. Not only do they meet you at your home, office or whatever location for the repair, they are also incredibly friendly and helpful. You will be impressed with their service and appreciate their honesty. Highly recommended bike shop! Prices are fair and you get service with a smile! Get their app and if you need a repair you can have a bike fixer within an hour. Open on Sundays too.

bike park netherlands


Bike Repair/Maintenance, Bike Rentals, Bikes sales

Overtoom 45

1054 HH Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6266964


Convenient place to rent bikes – for 3hrs or 24hrs for just a few euros more.  Kids bikes are available including kinder tandem for little kids who want to pedal but a little too young to ride on their own. The staff at MacBike was very friendly and helpful. The prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommended.


Bike City

Bike Rentals, Bike Repair/Maintenance

Bloemgracht 68-70

1015 TL Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6263721


Great little bike shop at a great location. Awesome folks and one of the last bike rental place that still has classic single-gear Dutch bikes. BikeCity is rather expensive of the rentals. But for a price you get good service and betfred bonus code 2019, nice location and well-maintained bikes. Excellent quality commuter bicycles kept in like-new condition and nice people working there.


Het Zwarte Fietsenplan Spiegelkwartier

Bikes sales, Bike Repair/Maintenance

Lijnbaansgracht 282

1017 RM Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6708531

1012 AB Amsterdam


This place has some good brands for sale also and some of the common black bikes like Cortina and Sparta.  If you are looking for hybrid bikes with wagons and stuff, they have a ton of those.  They do happen to have a bunch of different accessories – they have a nice selection of Brooks Saddles and things.  If you are in the area and need a bell, helmet, or hybrid this might be the place.


De Fietsentuin

Bike Repair/Maintenance, Bikes sales

Weissenbruchstraat 23

1058 KL Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6158142


Great bike shop in Amsterdam-west with very friendly staff. The bikes are quickly (often the same day) and neatly repaired at a reasonable rate. When your bike is repaired you can simply cycle on one of the free rental bikes. Their stock of new and second-hand bicycles is also excellent. Nice authentic people and prices are reasonable too! Great service!


Witter Tweewielers

Bikes sales, Bike Repair/Maintenance

Van Woustraat 234

1073 NC Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6797803


This shop repairs bikes and sells plenty of new bikes and accessories. The staff at this shop is very accommodating and friendly. This store had a fabulous selection of accessories and bikes. You would be pleased with their large inventory. You will be a satisfied customer here.


Rijwielhandel Ciclo

Bikes sales, Bike Repair/Maintenance

Ruysdaelstraat 35

1071 XA Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 6764511


A real Amsterdam bicycle repairer. A small business in the middle of Oud-Zuid, always useful if your tire is leaking again, or has been taken away by an unlawful owner. They always have nice second-hand bikes.  They sell second-hand vehicles from 40 euros. From 100 euros they give three months warranty and two free inspections. You can exchange their bikes for another week for a week after purchase. They are also nice and fast, usually, you can get your bike repaired an hour or two. Great service!



Bike Rentals, Bikes sales, Bike Repair/Maintenance

Lijnbaansgracht 32B-Hs

1015 GP Amsterdam

Phone number +31 20 5226000


Workcycles are the epitome of quality, service and pioneering spirit. Workcycles are two things: manufacturers of some of the finest city bikes in the world and providers of probably the best service that you will ever receive at a bike shop. Their all-weather bikes remain reliable and highly practical whilst requiring very little maintenance.  Their service is extraordinary too… There are very good reasons why Workcycles won Timeout's Best Bike Shop award in Amsterdam. Overall, just fantastic!




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